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Of course, Claude can't be with him, and ends up in an arranged marriage to Narcisse's son. Aug 29, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Luna Andromeda. Née et élevée en Ecosse, elle voyage jusqu'en France pour accompagner sa meilleure amie : Mary, Reine d'Ecosse. Sie nutzt nicht gern ihre höhere Stellung als Königin aus, um zu erreichen was sie will. awkward-sultana. Greer has one of the most tumultuous lives on the series - being kicked out of court in France, seeing her husband sent to prison, running a brothel, and having a relationship with a pirate - but she's Mary's one lady in waiting who remains by her side nearly to the end. After Queen Mary's arrival, Kenna and the other girls walk behind Mary and Prince Francisto be i… Jan 6, 2019 - Lady Kenna being a precious cinnamon roll in “Pilot”. Reign Lang lebe König Francis 1:57 min. But before that she have to face her past, wich means her husband and nothing go the way she hope, her oldest friends Mary, Lola and Greer are here to help her to make the right choice. She was later revealed to be having Bash's baby and it restored her marriage with Bash. your own Pins on Pinterest Aktuelle News. Those who know their history were already aware going into the series that Francis would die long before Mary, though in reality, it was his already frail health that took his life. She also played Lady Kenna in the American series Reign from 2013 to 2015 and had a recurring role in the ABC2 series Please Like Me from 2013 to 2016. On her way through Sweden, Kenna meets a teenage prince and strikes up a conversation with him, agreeing to exchange letters with him and asking to visit after she helps with her "sister's baby." Reign Wer spielt wen? In fact, their feelings for one another cost her a good match and she loses her potential husband to someone else. The series takes another route. She sends Agatha to her father, Gideon Blackburn in France and releases Lola's family. John Knox had been corresponding with Lord White after Keira's passing. In 2017, Stasey starred as Ada on the Fox television drama APB, which was cancelled after one season in May 2017. #lady kenna #long may she reign #reign #reign meme #reignmeme #lady lola #lady greer #lady aylee #ladies in waiting. Amanda is a freelance writer in Florida. The final episode flashes forward two decades later to show that she's been imprisoned in England and slated for execution for her crimes against Elizabeth. Discover (and save!) Kenna, Hofdame von Mary Kenna ist einer der Hofdamen von Mary. Explorer. Once his marriage crumbles, however, his time on the show shrinks. See more ideas about lady kenna, caitlin stasey, lady. Reign saison 2 : Mariés de force lors de la première saison de Reign, Bash (Torrance Coombs) et Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) semblent avoir été poussés au second plan, cette saison. She is funny, kind and beautiful. The network opted not to renew the series for a fifth season while the cast and crew were hard at work on the fourth. The Australian beauty … While there, Lola is tricked into helping with a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, believing that she's acting under Mary's orders. Informations complémentaires... Les utilisateurs aiment aussi ces idées Pinterest. Unfortunately for her, she gets caught and is executed in front of her estranged husband. Reign Sie spielen mit! Reign Sie spielt Aylee. By Amanda Bruce Published Sep 28, 2020. Strangely, Claude's story is never really resolved. also will continue to track that tag) PREVIOUS PAGE - NEXT PAGE 6 notes. (& The Fates Of The Other Main Characters), 10 Historical Dramas To Watch If You Like Reign, Reign: 10 Worst Episodes According To IMDb, Elizabeth ends the series by becoming the true Warrior Queen, Adelaide Kane brings a fashionable picture. During the course of the fight, Francis suffers a head injury he can't recover from. Als Mary sie damit konfrontiert da es Catherine aufgefallen ist, und Mary bittet es zu enden, sagt sie das es mehr als nur eine Affäre wäre und dass sie bald die Mätresse des Königs wird und sie ihr nichts mehr zu befehlen hat. Elle devient par la suite la femme de Bash. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Kenna is my favourite character. Elle décide de ne plus être une dame de compagnie afin de devenir la seconde maîtresse officielle du Roi. Claude is a little trouble maker when introduced. Oktober 2013 im Anschluss an Vampire Diaries auf The CW. Ab dem 17. S'inscrire. Reign ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der jungen Mary Stewart am französischen Hof. As the series barrels toward its conclusion, it seems like the arranged couple might finally be hitting it off, especially when Claude is denied the chance to leave him for her guard by her brother Charles, the current king. Follow (Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Lady Lola’s red gown in 1x18. Leith is the guard assigned to Claude, and unlike a lot of the other people in the palace, Leith isn't intimidated by her. Reign Die Pest am Hof 0:15 min. Trumpets sounds at the entire Fresh Court arrived to greet the Scottish Queen who would be arriving soon. Reign Sie spielt Lola. Appearances For what it’s worth,… She made mistakes but everything she wanted is to survive in this world. When Catherine reconciles with Francis before his death, she promises to be Queen Regent until his brother is ready to rule. Elizabeth ends the series by becoming the true Warrior Queen. Sie ist sehr freundlich und überaus hilfsbereit. Lady Kenna-Reign "Pilot" Enregistrée par Catherine. Kenna actually leaves the series as the second season draws to a close. The CW has become known for its science fiction and fantasy stories, particularly the … He also doesn't treat her like a child. Kenna is vibrant, free-spirited, and incredibly impulsive, almost bordering on reckless. Bash ends up married to Kenna as a result of his father's machinations, but maintains a friendship with Mary. They first met during childhood when they were both chosen to be part of Mary's ladies-in-waiting. A place for fans of Lady Kenna [Reign] to see, download, share, and discuss their favorite photos. RELATED: Reign: 10 Worst Episodes According To IMDb. Apr 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Maddie Ongley. On sait qu'elle avait deux frères, tous deux morts de la fièvre scarlatine. The Queen of France before Mary, Catherine causes a lot of problems for a lot of people. Die Schauspieler. Over time, Leith makes something of himself, becoming a member of the royal guard. Inspired by the life of Mary, Queen Of Scots, the series combined real moments in history with soap-opera-like fiction to create a compelling tale. When Claude tries to get her marriage annulled, she reaches out to Leith in a letter, only to discover he's already married to someone else, though the audience never sees him again. When their relationship falls apart, she has an affair with General Renauld. Doch obwohl die Serie auf historischen Gegebenheiten basiert, ist nicht alles genau so passiert. She's the younger sister of Francis, and she doesn't understand why she can't be the center of attention at court all the time. Kenna ist einer der Hofdamen von Mary. Aiden Mason 4 years ago. Reign Saison 3 : SPOILER mort, le cliffhanger inattendu du Season Finale ! Early life. She leads her troops into battle, makes sure Mary is arrested for treason, and becomes the fierce monarch who doesn't need a man to rule. À la fin de l'épisode Monster on la voit se marier avec Bash, sous l'ordre de Henry. Als Mary sie damit konfrontiert da esCatherineaufgefallen ist, und Mary bittet es zu enden, sagt sie das es mehr als nur eine Affäre wäre und dass sie bald die Mätresse des Königs wird und sie ihr nichts mehr zu befehlen hat. Share Share Tweet Email. She wants them in good hands, so she gets Greer and Lord Castleroy to manage them. (previously ladypopsy. Before he dies, however, he makes Mary promise to wait for the next monarch - and his mother as Queen Regent - to be secure before she leaves the country. Foto of kenna - greer for Fans of Lady Kenna [Reign] 38170930 When Mary is attacked in the woods, it's Francis who comes to her aid while the guards are busy fighting others off. 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Reign Zwei Brüder und eine Königin 0:25 min . That resulted in some characters having their fates seen on screen, while others were left up to the imagination of the audience. She is also a firecracker, making her simultaneously unpredictable and captivating. Meistgesehene Videos. The network has dabbled in the genre of historical fiction in the past with dramas like Reign. Se connecter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Seiten, die doppelte Argumente in Vorlagenaufrufen verwenden, Reign Sie spielt Greer. She tells Catherine that her husband has left her, so she's left without love at all, but that's where her story abruptly ends for the show. (& The Fates Of The Other Main Characters) The CW's Reign was a period drama that may not have been historically accurate, but fans still want to know what happened to the main characters. But her destiny changes, she will become Queen of Imereti. It's that ability, however, that causes her sticky end. It's that affair that leads to her leaving France altogether when she realizes she's pregnant. Reign é uma série de televisão estadunidense de ficção histórica, [1] criada por Stephanie SenGupta e Laurie McCarthy, estreou em 17 de outubro de 2013, na The CW, [2] [3] e foi concluída depois de quatro temporadas no dia 16 de junho de 2017. Ihre Naivität, welche im Kloster nie ein Problem war, stellt sich am französischen Hof als eine gefährliche Eigenschaft heraus, weshalb sie sie im L… Feb 7, 2014 - Explore Reign Lovers's board "Lady Kenna" on Pinterest. She takes the advice of a witch and leaves him to rule on his own, taking solace with her daughter Margot. Reign Sie spielt Kenna. The Five Most Powerful Kenna Moments on Reign. Kenna est une des dames d'honneur et une amie proche de Mary, avec Greer, Lola et Aylee. She holds a Psychology degree and loves superheroes and serial storytelling. The CW's Reign was a period drama that may not have been historically accurate, but fans still want to know what happened to the main characters. Reign: What Happened To Kenna? Reign Mary und Francis müssen sich beweisen 0:15 min. Sie und Henry II haben sich ineinander verliebt und haben es am Anfang geheimgehalten. He denies it, informer her she is already married to Lord White. Naturally, they fall for one another, but he loses his chance to be with her when her mother arranges a suitor for her. Sie undHenry IIhaben sich ineinander verliebt und haben es am Anfang geheimgehalten. März begeistern uns Mary, Francis, Catherine, Bash, Kenna und Co. mit der zweiten Staffel von "Reign". Over the course of her time on the show, she matures, and even falls in love - with the man who is supposed to guard her. Aujourd'hui. RELATED: Reign: 10 Stunning Outfits From The Show. Adelaide Kane brings a fashionable picture to a tragic monarch for the four seasons. Despite her seemingly betraying Mary early in the series by having a one-night stand with Francis, Lola is one of the most beloved characters of the series. Bestraft er jemanden wenn er nicht gleich das bekommt was er gerade begehrt. your own Pins on Pinterest Way back in the first season of the series Leith is but a kitchen boy hung up on one of Mary's ladies in waiting. Initially, Bash is interested in Mary, but their match is not to be since Mary is slated to marry his brother - the next king of France. The last the audience sees of Bash is him deciding to travel with Mary when she wants to return to Scotland. She also, in a two decades later flash forward, offers Mary's son the throne, uniting Scotland and England upon her death, as long as he agrees to allow her mother's execution to move forward. Nov 20, 2017 - “ I only ask that you not assume I'm a fool. Caitlin was born in Melbourne, Victoria, where she was raised with her younger sister Victoria. Die Erstausstrahlung in den Vereinigten Staaten erfolgte am 17. When Mary makes the decision to have her mentally unstable husband killed at the end of the fourth season, it's the moment that leads to her doom. It has the effect of keeping her dear friend close and making sure Lola's family isn't hurt by someone else. Fan Art of Lady Kenna for Fans of Lady Kenna [Reign] 36893586 0. One year after her departure, Lady Kenna is back to French court. Elizabeth and Gideon discused the events surrounding Lola's execution. Though she might seem to be shallow and vain, she cares dearly about her loved ones - but is not above lying to them in order to secure her interests.\"She is a byproduct of her circumstances and I think she is just very selfish. A place for fans of Lady Kenna [Reign] to share their favorite articles, bookmarks, links, and websites. Steve Rogers of the Reign Avengers White Kenna Power Ranger Watch Reign on the CW, Thursdays at 9/8c. Mary struggles to find any common ground with her cousin Elizabeth since they both believe the English throne should be theirs. Marys Charakter ändert sich im Laufe der Serie. Zu Beginn ist sie von unschuldiger und gutmütiger Natur. #Reign #ReignEdit #Reign Edit #Lady Lola #perioddramaedit #1x18 #No Exit #weloveperioddrama #costumeedit #costumes #costume edit #costume drama #costume set … NEXT: Which Reign Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Her favorite heroines include Black Widow, Blake Belladonna, and Sailor Jupiter. Die Serie wurde seit 2013 von den Produktionsstudios Warner Bros. Television und CBS Television Studios für den Fernsehsender The CW produziert. Thinking that it was an order from Mary Stuart, but it was John Knox. Für sie hat jedes Menschenleben eine Bedeutung. The audience respects her ability to make tough decisions in a time when she's expected to fall in line. She made mistakes but everything she wanted is to survive in this world. Kenna est ses amies sont dévastées par la mort de Aylee. Admitting he had lost his wife and daughter, Agatha. Though Catherine is the antagonist for Mary in much of the early episodes of the series, the two find common ground through Francis. Reign : le destin d'une reine est une série TV de Stephanie Sengupta et Laurie McCarthy avec Adelaide Kane (Marie Stuart, Reine d'Écosse), Megan Follows (Reine Catherine). Keira was sick and weak with fever, an later died after being struck by a cart in Scotland, after James Stuart forced her to her feet, and back to England. Caitlin Stasey portrayed Lady Kenna from 2013 until 2015. There is obviously a group dynamic, b… Reine Autre Robes Royales Robes Royales Tv Mode Kenna Reign Reine Marie Robes D'époque Accessoires. Which Reign Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? While she does that, in the finale, she discovers once more that her son is really not cut out for the role of king. Friends: 10 Major Flaws Of The Show That Fans Chose To Ignore, Reign: What Happened To Kenna? Mis à jour le 10 novembre 2020 à 18h03 . All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In a world where a woman's place is determined by her relationship with her father or her husband, the ladies of Reign frequently end up stuck. RELATED: 10 Historical Dramas To Watch If You Like Reign. When Lola's relationship with Narcisse shatters, she decides to return to her family in England. Over the course of her time on the show, she matures, and even falls in love - with the man who is supposed to guard her. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Elle reste malgré tout une très bonne amie de Mary. Lady Kenna, Lady Lola, Lady Aylee and Greer Kimrith all Scotish born and Ladies-in-Waitingof their Queen. The CW has become known for its science fiction and fantasy stories, particularly the Arrowverse and staple series Supernatural. Though Mary's son James doesn't come to offer her a reprieve, he does get her one wish that she asks of Elizabeth - to rule. Discover (and save!) Mary, forced to make political decisions from Lola's "treason," has to confiscate Lola's family's land. Publié par Helene Bardeau le 21 juin 2016 à 11h30 . [1] Initially one of Mary's ladies in waiting, she becomes mistress to the king of France, then marries his illegitimate son. Not much is known about her life prior to the events of the Pilot, other than that she was born to a wealthy and titled Scottish family who owns the lower half of Scotland. She schemes to make sure her children are taken care of, which is probably a good idea considering all of the violence that befalls the royals. 88. Comment. Mary just wants to live her life, but throughout her years, she is plagued by constant threats to her rule, her want to put the people closest to her first, and her need to protect herself. After Lola's death, Greer makes the move to Scotland. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. Wir sagen euch, was wahr und was falsch ist! There is, however, a character who pops up in season four that allows the audience to discover that Bash becomes a Druid in Scotland, and shares a prophecy with the man to bring to Mary, though the audience doesn't get more detail than that. The implication is that Kenna finds herself another royal to help her secure her position in society, something Kenna struggles to do from the start.

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