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Caesar pleads with Buffalo to protect him. Tashigi jumps in and block his attack. Law's Den Den Mushi rings which he then answers.[54]. Killer tells the three that they need to be willing to discuss with one another neutrally if they even hope to have an alliance. The captives' prison box is hung outside which the Marines notice as well as their captain's within it, pleading for the two to help them. The samurai tells everybody to put leaves or rocks on their heads, and when they do this, they suddenly are covered with coats. Kin'emon steps up, claiming he is called "Firefox" for the fact his sword slashes and burns. Prompted by Nami, Brownbeard reveals that their assailants are the Yeti Cool Brothers, two mercenaries who can appear and disappear in a flash and kill whatever target for the right price, even Brownbeard has not seen their faces only knowing they are covered in hair. Monet intervening in Luffy's chase of Caesar. Caesar's defeat at the hands of Luffy would result in the Big Mom Pirates hunting them to capture Caesar, which was later revealed to be because of Big Mom wanting Caesar to continue his gigantification experiments. WhatsApp. Tashigi, having seen firsthand that he is a traitor, warns them to get away from him. But as he tries to follow it up, Caesar uses a castanet to send out explosive gas. [19], In Caesar's lab, Caesar is telling Monet how the slime came to be; a byproduct of the accident that happened four years ago. [15], The brothers contact the guards to comes pick up Brook, Nami (Sanji), and Zoro claiming they have killed them before setting off after the others. Law states that he cannot let them leave the island anymore, and Smoker begins to fight Law. As the Straw Hats leave from Fish-Man Island, the crew has some free time. Zoro kills it, but the weight of the fish brings the ship to a stop. With only twenty minutes left before the gas fills the whole B Block, Monet and Zoro continue their battle while Robin assures Nami and Chopper that she is fine.[36]. Law states that the two are still pirates, to which Luffy replies that he is right, and that they will be enemies if he is also going after the One Piece. The sixteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto.The season began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television from January 6, 2013 to January 12, 2014. Brownbeard ended up on the island a year after his crew were wiped out and had given up hope when he was found by Caesar and his group. Adattato da: capitolo 655 vol. However, it was an ambush by the Yeti Cool Brothers who had shot them with gas that caused them to become drunk. Sie ist die erste Insel der zweiten Hälfte der Grandline, welche die Strohhutbande auf einen Notruf hin angesteuert hat. 2012-2013 (Manga),2013 (Anime) He reveals he lost his crew and his legs thanks to Basil Hawkins and wound up on Punk Hazard, claiming it was once a island full of greenery as well as a research facility for Vegapunk who developed weapons and drugs for the military. It is also explained why it seemed like the legs could talk, which was due to the samurai's excessive farting. [25], Meanwhile, Zoro's group continue to run from Smiley, and also notice the giant piece of candy. The Straw Hat Pirates and Kin'emon are now all riding on Brownbeard's back now (to his annoyance) plow on ahead while the Marines tailing behind. A page for describing YMMV: One Piece Punk Hazard Arc. Law teleports his group into the lab and opens the shutter door to let the G-5 Marines enter the facility much to the shock of Caesar's underlings who find the captured prisoners now freed. In den brennenden Ruinen von Punk Hazard werden Ruffy, Zorro, Robin und Lysop von einem riesigen feuerspeienden Drachen angegriffen. Caesar dodges and tries to use poisonous smoke on Luffy, but Luffy is unaffected, due to his poison immunity he gained from his battle against Magellan. Meanwhile, Caesar plans to destroy Building B and allow the gas in, which would also kill Vergo. The hazmat attackers soon reach the room, forcing Nami's group to run for it. Smoker and Law arrive near a truck meant to transport SAD which Law intends to use for everyone to escape. Monet then tells Mocha not to keep the candy all to herself and that she should share the candy with the other children. One Piece Overview. After being informed of Law's betrayal, Doflamingo orders Vergo to destroy the SAD room and extinguish Law with extreme prejudice. Caesar's men confirm with Caesar that Smiley has finally reached the Ice Lands. He orders his troops to commandeer one of the enemy's ships and notify Marine Headquarters, claiming he cannot leave the island until he gets his body and mind back away from Law's control. [34], In the SAD Room, Vergo shows up which Law attempts to use his Devil Fruit ability to retrieve his heart, but Vergo steals it back from him and brutally beats him to the ground by using his heart to immobilize the Warlord of the Sea. Z's Ambition Arc Momonosuke also mentions that he had overheard Caesar telling his underling Monet of how the giant experiment was unstable and that the kids will die in five years if they continue being experimented on. The head then reveals to them where they are, the frozen half of Punk Hazard. Usopp panics, warning them both that they are going to incur the wrath of the World Government, but then remembers they had already done so many times. Baby 5 and Buffalo go to do so but notice something else on the tanker, a robot, which is revealed to be the General Franky, who likewise notices the two above him. [33] One of the men tells her that Momonosuke is somewhere else, in a treatment room and requests her to keep it quiet. With the crisis averted, Chopper begs Luffy to help save them to which Luffy agrees though Franky rebukes them saying that it will not be easy. With another mysterious clue on their hands, the group progresses to locate their friends. [40], He tells Luffy that he knows nothing of the island and explains to him how futile everything he has done so far is, and reveals that the SAD is actually used to make artificial Zoan Devil Fruits called SMILEs. Grateful the samurai thanks them before they spot figures coming toward them revealed to be the Centaur Patrol Unit they fought earlier running from something, even ignoring the group in their retreat. With this the Donquixote members are defeated and fall into the ocean. In the B-Block G-5 side, Sanji, Tashigi and her squad try to catch up with the others. Luffy jokes that its fine the way it is prompting Nami to yell at him. Meanwhile with the Straw Hats, Usopp has made mini-masks for the switched members so they can tell apart who is who. [1], In the distance, Luffy sees a volcano erupting on an island and decides to head there even though none of the New World Log Pose needles are pointing there. The crew then realizes that they need a boat to cross the river, and at first it is suggested that they ride on the other crew members' backs who do not have Devil Fruit abilities, but this is quickly refuted when Usopp uses one of his Pop Green to create a Banana Boat to cross the river. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The results of the poison gas of Shinokuni as ash surrounds the victims. However, he manages to break free. After finding out that they are pirates, the head exclaims that he hates pirates so much they make him sick. Hey !!!! Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Robin encounter a dragon. The other children stop upon seeing her condition and unsure what to do now. Having no choice, Mocha puts the entire batch of candy in her mouth. Monet transforms into a much more monstrous form. [54], On Dressrosa, the people of the island are confused and in an uproar over the news of their king's sudden resignation while Doflamingo is in his office reading. Franky opens fire upon the pair, hitting Buffalo. Story Arcs Les chapeaux de paille qui approchent d'une île en feu reçoivent un appel de détresse venant de cette île. The eel gets sucked into it dragging the Thousand Sunny into it. Year(s) Released: [33], In another section of Block B, Brownbeard is trying his best to avoid the dragon that's chasing them as it spreads flames through the building. Robin also adding they they should get all the facts first before anything. [16], It is at that moment one of the brothers, Scotch, appears right in front of the group who did not even realize he was there till he spoke up. He reveals to his company that it is none other than the infamous Caesar Clown, who was a former colleague of Dr. Vegapunk, a wanted felon, and an expert on mass-murder weapons. Caesar reveals the name of the weapon to be Shinokuni. He swings on the slime causing it to catch fire and explode. Sind suddenly start turning violent as if going into withdrawal, punching Luffy into a wall. Back at Vegapunk's former research facility, the gaseous entity that is the master of the satyrs meets with Monet, who tells him about the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island. Kin'emon nearly gets into a duel with Zoro thinking he had robbed Ryuma's grave due to him having his sword, the Shusui, on him. Law tells Doflamingo that he has Caesar, and it is time to conduct business. Luffy notes that everyone is present, and is ready to begin the counterstrike. The group reaches a dead end, but Chopper attacks the door button, and the door opens. We find she indeed has been captured by the pair due to orders from Caesar (mostly for the Vegapunk designs on Franky's body) and that they can now kill everyone as they wish. The Marines draw a line in the ground to separate the pirates from the Marines though Luffy ignores this to converse with Brownbeard who is decided to give himself up so he can receive treatment from Caesar's poisons. However, the children simply beat the giant hands down and rush to obtain the candy. Caesar decides to go down to the first floor in order to deal with him. When they protest that over 100 of his minions are still in the room, Caesar finally drops the facade, yelling how they are all his guinea pigs and he does not care how many of them have to perish. Luffy's group hear the explosions and, seeing the giant footprints in the snow, head back to aid their friends. However Momonosuke collapses from hunger, Luffy tries to rouse him which somehow triggers a hallucination of Doflamingo in Momonosuke's mind. This gives Zoro, Luffy, Robin, and Usopp time to defeat the sharks and emerge from the water dripping wet and frozen. Chopper is then tied to his nodachi instead. In the B Block, Vergo is revealed to have also escaped the gas and is now conversing with Doflamingo who is on the island, Dressrosa. One Piece. With these final words, Law re-enters the facility.[13]. He then has the cage the prisoners are in taken outside by a crane citing that he wishes to prove that his weapon is tougher than any high bounty pirate, Marine vice admiral or Warlord of the Sea. They converge on Luffy which, along with Caesar's castanet, causes an even bigger explosion.[21]. Sanji picks up the head and arranges him correctly, revealing to be a samurai. Momonosuke had tried to warn the other kids but wound up in the garbage disposal by accident. Monet realizes he actually is going to attack her but is frozen in fear from his gaze to move. Caesar then starts to insult Law, calling him a weakling. Caesar reveals that Smiley is the H2S bomb in the flesh. He reaches the connecting passageway just as an alarm starts to go off. [29], The Marines continue their assault, but just as Zoro is about to strike them. When asked about the Straw Hats, Caesar mentions the kids that are with them will want to come back, but, taking Monet's advice, decides not to underestimate them and dispatches two warriors who are dubbed the Killers of the Mountain: The Yeti Cool Brothers, who are, at the moment, right outside the Straw Hats' hiding spot. [36], In the B Block Inspection room, Usopp, Kin'emon and Brook have split off from the group to find some Seastone handcuffs at the request of Robin, using Brook's spectral powers to help them. Cloudflare Ray ID: 609bb913a951f17e Nami, Usopp and Robin managed to weaken it with their attacks. Chopper finishes treating Mocha and has her moved as well. Luffy heads out, and is oblivious to the fact that Franky has gone berserk, as he instructs him to follow him. After the East Blue saga, this one is probably my least favorite so far. The Den Den Mushi then speaks up, revealing to be from Law. Caesar Retrieval Arc. There will not be a download. The trolley soon reaches the exit. Zoro cuts Monet in the cheek with Busoshoku Haki, causing her to let go of Tashigi. Back in the present, Mocha begins coughing up blood, due to the serious overdose of the drug. Chopper tries to spot the enemy but cannot tell where they are. After Law had defeated Smoker he simply gave Caesar Monet's heart, who thought he gave him Smoker's heart. As Smoker leaves to go find Vergo, Luffy begins the second round of their battle as Caesar recovers form the sudden attack. [14], Back with Smoker, he tells his men that Caesar was actually the one that set off the chemical incident four years ago and Vegapunk was blamed for it. They inform Caesar that the Straw Hats captured Brownbeard. Back in the main lab, Caesar has gotten word of this, Monet comments that defeating three of them felt too easy and asks Law if he knows them from two years ago. Afterwards, some strange people appear on the ship and decide to take the pirates, except for Brook, to "M", their master. As he explores the underground area, he comes across yet another dragon and inquires who the dragon is. In the SAD Production room which is coming down, Doflamingo calls Vergo, apologizing to him and thanking him for his hard work which Vergo oddly smiles at. Smoker goes to confront Vergo, and tells Tashigi to go look after the G-5 who are chasing the Straw Hats, and to help everyone escape. The Straw Hat Pirates and G-5 Marines cooperate. Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. episódio 579Desembarque!Punk Hazard, A Ilha FlamejanteJōriku! More about the mechanics behind Devil Fruits is revealed showing, in the case of Smiley, that when a Devil Fruit user dies their fruit is reincarnated in the nearest fruit by them as Smiley's, This arc heavily showcases the true power that, This arc revealed it is possible to create artificial Devil Fruits, as shown when Vegapunk made an artificial Devil Fruit. One of the centaurs is caught in it and is suddenly petrified. Usopp then looks into the sky, and sees a winged woman, he tries to point it out, but she disappears, and he is the only one to see her.[5]. The two clash with Luffy landing a few solid hits. Franky worries about getting their bodies back as well and that they need to find Law. [41], In the first floor of Building R, Caesar sees the damage to his base and is quite upset over it. However Tashigi is trying to get a handle on Smoker's ability which is causing smoke over the area and the group cannot get the lab door open to Smoker's annoyance. Caesar then reveals that he has Smoker's heart as well before Monet alerts Caesar that the video is ready.[25]. Everyone makes a mad dash and jumps through the gate. Entering the New World: A Distress Call to a New Adventure, Arriving at Punk Hazard: The Adventure on the Burning Island, One Mystery After Another: The Island's Secrets Unfold, Warlord of the Sea vs. Marines, Straw Hats vs. Centaurs, Scrambled Hearts: The Truth of the Island, Peek-a-Boo! However, his appearance frightens the kids. The two talked where she mentioned her desire to return to their parents. The children are getting ready to leave the island on the tanker with the Marines. Franky backs him up with his trademark "super" punch and they both stay behind to hold them off while Nami and Chopper run off with the kids.[6]. As the Marines keep scorning the pirates, the children want to express gratitude to the pirates for helping them, but cannot because the Marines are trying to prevent the children from doing so. Brook then tells the group that he encountered the missing torso, but he ran away from it and does not know where it is. Pinterest. One of his men then report one of the G-5's ships on the shore of the island, to which the gas commands that they get rid of it. [27], Outside, the rest of the Straw Hats and Kin'emon continue to flee from Shinokuni. [49], Doflamingo laughs and tells him that he does not do business with kids, and warns Law not to mess with him. Zoro and Tashgi manage to meet up with Nami's group and the G-5 Marines. Meanwhile, behind the research facility, Sanji goes hysterical over being in Nami's body, and the kids ask the crew if their bodies have been switched. Law begins explaining to Luffy about an "important key" that is stored on Punk Hazard that could throw the New World into chaos. Among the people watching are Big Mom's crew and Captain Kid's who proclaims he is not interested in the weapon but curious as to what is going on. Baby 5 and Buffalo apologize for their failure in retrieving Caesar Clown, but Doflamingo tells them to relax, as they were doing as he ordered. Robin is glad that Franky is out of Chopper, while Chopper is angry at Luffy and Franky (who were blaming each other) for causing such damage to his body. The gravity of the situation becomes clear to Mocha but Chopper promises that he and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates will save her. With Luffy's group, Usopp speaks with Brook, who finally awakened after being gassed. [45], Back on the island, Franky continues to battle Baby 5 and Buffalo. As the gate closes, they see that the men caught in the gas giving thumbs up poses as they were frozen much to Tashigi's dismay and sorrow for their sacrifice while the Straw Hats stare disgusted over what occurred.[30]. As stated by Law, the, Trafalgar Law proposes an alliance with the, Donquixote Doflamingo is revealed to be a very powerful criminal underworld broker, utilizing the alias of Joker and a major part of an illegal trading web of powerful figures in the. [20], Caesar's men are relieved at first in that the slime destroyed itself but more pieces of it suddenly appear on the mainland. Monet è MORTA. Meanwhile Zoro gets mad at Tashigi claiming that she is getting in his way but Tashigi claims that, in addition to stopping Monet from going after her subordinates, she is staying behind because Zoro will not cut a woman basing her assertion on their first duel back in Loguetown. Caesar's men discovered the room was open and proceeded inside prompting the two kids to run. He mentions he also found out how the candy was made and found a sedative for it as well. However, the man is presumably killed before the conversation can continue. While the others eat, Usopp is frightened to go to the island, stating that he has the "Can't set foot on new islands" disease. He tells her he is thinking of departing and needs her ability to help with something, which she accepts. It is also revealed the slime's name is Smiley. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. Law tries to convince Luffy that they will need to move but he instead throws a party to his bewilderment. The Zou Arc would later clarify Kin'emon's true relationship with Momonosuke as his retainer and not his father under the orders to have Momonosuke pretend to be his son as to not attract Kaido or his crew. He promptly busted it open and scarfed down the Fruit before he was discovered by the girl who had asked about him earlier. [31], As Caesar reels from the punch, Smoker remembers that before Law freed him, he ordered Smoker not to touch Caesar since he still has his heart. Caesar then tells Luffy that he is protected by these strong people, and that a person of his level will not be able to take them on at all. [52] As the night goes on, most of the crew (Luffy, Zoro, Brook, Nami, Robin, Law, Caesar and Momonosuke) sleep while others (Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Sanji, and Kin'emon) stay up looking after the Sunny.[53]. On the trolley, Momonosuke cries at his father's state. [36], Luffy mentions that since he is a Zoan, he could change back to normal though he does not know how the process works. Not too long after that, Law arrived and used his abilities to replace the handicapped limbs with parts of animals. [14], Back with the Straw Hats, Franky is messing around with Chopper's Point Transformations while Brook tells Sanji that the samurai with them had gone off to find his torso. Zoro is then shot into the air by Usopp and decapitates the dragon with a single slash.[3]. Vergo is then revealed to have Law's heart, which is why he was able to defeat him so easily. Luffy then notices the unconscious marines, and notices Smoker and the hole in his chest. Meanwhile, Chopper, Nami and Robin are doing their best to keep the berserk children from catching up to Mocha by having Chopper sedating them one at a time. The island also contains the abandoned research laboratories of Dr. Vegapunk. He hits Caesar knocking him to the ground. Outside Zoro's group and the centaurs and trying to get away as fast for they can from the creature, with the former noting how desperate the latter is running away from it. Back at the Sunny, the crewmates draw straws to see who will go with Luffy. [34], In Building B, Chopper in his Monster Point is trying to block the berserk children from the Biscuits Room, telling them that they must not eat the candy. They crash into and through the boat before re-emerging while Robin, who had jumped off at the last second, flies down via her hand wings ability. ← Previous He comes to the conclusion that his son must still be inside. Luffy accepts the offer, after Law tells him who their target is. Caesar retaliates by detonating his bomb which led to the decimation of the island, ending the flashback.[35]. Law then warns Doflamingo, who's been listening the whole time via the Den Den Mushi, that he cannot stay on top forever and that he is going to defeat Vergo, but Doflamingo tells him otherwise recounting an earlier instance where Law mouthed off to Vergo who gave him a beating that apparently traumatized Law. He has suddenly taken to the air heading upwards with Luffy clinging onto him as they leave the waste disposal. Franky meanwhile manages to blast the lab door open. Luffy encounters Momonosuke in his dragon form. Watch One Piece: Punk Hazard (575-629) Episode 579, Arriving! It was considered a failure, although it appears to have transformed. Usopp is concerned about the Sunny, but Franky assures him that the ship will not lose. They put the head together (although his top of head and chin reversed), and the head tells them that he was cut up by someone he does not know. Angered at the scientist, Luffy punches Caesar, breaking his nose in the process, telling him that he has taken on guys like this many times; and the two begin the third and final round of their battle. The Marines are happy to see him at first thinking he is leading reinforcements. Law then tells Luffy that it is time to make their move for a counterattack.[26]. [13], Tashigi, in Smoker's body, reveals that there have been reports of kids dying or going missing near the island but whenever a ship was send to investigate, it was just chalked up to a being shipwrecks. It is then explained to Luffy that Law is now a Warlord of the Sea, much to Luffy's surprise. Sanji then gets angry, and almost smashes the head onto the ground, if not for Franky , and then proceeds to beating him up for previous comments. [22], Back outside, Caesar has beaten both Franky and Robin as well as Smoker and Tashigi, much to the distress of the remaining G-5 crew as they note that Caesar did not touch them. Nami decides to spend hers taking a bath, using a new Shower Tempo as a shower with Chopper (and unknown to her, Sanji and Brook) looking on. Another subordinate knocks her away before Doflamingo uses his power to halt her attack. [26], Despite the incoming death, Luffy, Robin and Franky are rather nonchalant about the situation. The Slime then releases a cloud of what appears to be poisonous gas that seems to suffocate the centaurs. Because it does not like water, it is throwing itself piece by piece to their area to avoid the lake. [10], Back at Vegapunk's former research facility, Law has sliced the warship in half and placed half of it on a rock, rendering it unusable. Just as he is about to strike the killing blow, Kuzan suddenly shows up and halts him, stating that Smoker is his friend. [28], Meanwhile Caesar, Vergo and Monet are watching the effects of the gas on the monitor. 66 La ciurma, giunta in prossimità dell’isola infuocata di Punk Hazard, riceve una richiesta d’aiuto tramite lumacofono da parte di un uomo che viene poi ucciso da un samurai del Paese di Wa. Caesar notes that Smiley died and hopes they meet again. One Piece Episode 604 (Punk Hazard Arc) - Bergegas Menuju Bangunan R! Luffy is attacked by Sind during Sind's NHC10 withdrawal. The slime reveals itself to be a Devil Fruit Zoan user, and has eaten the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl. In the Ice Lands, a giant piece of candy has been placed on the ground. They then decide to attack the centaurs and steal their warm clothes. Chopper, who was listening, heads down the hall relieved that Luffy and the others are alright. The Straw Hats, Law, Smoker, and Tashigi trapped in the cage above Punk Hazard. Suddenly, Luffy hears the Den Den Mushi ringing, but Robin states that there is a 50% chance that the distress signal is merely an ambush set by the Marines. He surmises that the kids have been given the drug in the form of candy to keep them from running. [27], The G-5 Marines berate Zoro and Kin'emon for creating a hole in the shutters that the gas can get into it. However his departure does not go unnoticed by Monet. Kin'emon also wishes to head to the island as a friend of his is being incarcerated there.[51]. They then all split up. Without hesitation, Luffy sets out to the blazing island, with Vice Admiral Smoker hot on his tail. Die Piraten erreichen eine brennende Insel mit dem Namen Punk Hazard, wo Ruffy, Zorro, Lysop und Robin das Glück ereilt, die Insel erkunden zu dürfen. [23], Back on Punk Hazard, Usopp and Nami are having trouble keeping the kids controlled. Law switching the minds of the Straw Hats using his abilities. He then drops the call, leaving Doflamingo enraged. [17], Meanwhile, behind the laboratory, Nami is screaming for the Yeti Cool Brothers to let her go, exclaiming that they will be sorry when Luffy gets there. Tashigi confronts Luffy, demanding to know what he is plotting but Luffy easily dodges her smoke attack and pins her down using Haki wondering why "Smoker" got so weak. The Marines continues to insult the pirates, and Nami tells Chopper that Vegapunk is going to help permanently cure the side effects of the poisoned candy. Meanwhile in the backdoor of the facility, a guard encounters Law as he leaves the facility. If Kaido learns that Doflamingo cannot produce any more Smiles, then he will have to suffer the consequences. The latter manage to damage the General Franky with Baby's 5's scythe form. Il G-5 annientato! On the supposedly death-ridden and empty island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, meeting many new and old foes as they explore the purpose of the island. Vergo takes it to mean that they escaped and sure enough one of Caesar's men report this to the the group. Those that were in the untouched facility survived and holed up there but those unlucky few on the outside were paralyzed from the legs down by the nerve gas. Sind begs Luffy to obtain some of the candy, but Luffy keeps to Chopper's orders. [35], The dragon identifies himself as Momonosuke and soon both Luffy and he get acquainted before he tells Luffy how his situation came to be. Smoker then asks Law to let him see the inside of the research facility, but Law tells him no, because it is currently his vacation home. [21] Meanwhile back inside, Law similarly doubles over in pain and collapses to the floor. We can’t WAIT to share them with you! He serves Momonosuke first as he had heard he had not eaten in days. Via da Punk Hazard! The three Straw Hats agree to go into the lake to retrieve it. Tashigi counterattacks with a Haki imbued attack, injuring one of Monet's wings. [ Scaricato/Visto 6915 volte ] Ep. After a bit, the Straw Hat reach the surface. Close. Caesar proves Chopper's theory by stating he gave them candy filled with gasses to get them to come back (to Law's disgust). Vergo, knowing he will be in trouble if Law and Smoker escape, heads out to stop them himself. Meanwhile a few moments earlier outside, Baby 5 and Buffalo have arrived via Buffalo's Guru Guru no Mi ability which he uses to make himself into a makeshift bi-plane.[43]. Chopper and Nami then run out, with the kids following behind. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: More of the World Government's secret experiments are shown that Caesar Clown has experimented on children and grown them larger to make them giants. It goes into a flashback in which Law first arrived on the island and bargained to be Caesar's bodyguard in exchange for being allowed to roam free in the lab and not to tell anyone he was there, including Caesar's employer, Joker, Caesar accepted after Monet asked if he could heal the prisoners of the island. Despite the thunderous seas around them, the crew is excited for the new challenges that await them.

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